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Opening Life's Possibilities for Children in Need

The mission of Newborn Possibilities is to help advance clinical research investigating the use of a newborn's own cord blood stem cells to help the body regenerate damaged tissue and restore lost function in disorders such as traumatic brain injury, hearing loss, cerebral palsy and type 1 diabetes.

By donating to the Newborn Possibilities Fund, you can make an impact in the effort to establish new therapeutic options for children with these conditions.

Whether you give $20 or $2,000, we invite you to support this worthy cause — and ask your friends and family to participate as well.

Helping Infants and Children Go the Distance

Five-year-old Chloe Levine is a living testament to the power of cord blood stem cells. Chloe suffered a stroke before she was born. During her first year, she demonstrated paralysis on the right side of her body and at her one-year-old check-up she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

At two-years of age, Chloe underwent an experimental treatment with her own cord blood stem cells, which her parents choose to preserve at birth. Today, she shows no sign of paralysis. Not only can she walk, but she can run. On a recent soccer team, her coach was not told she had cerebral palsy and did not think she had any disabilities at all. Chloe will be mainstreamed in Kindergarten starting the 2011/2012 school year. The goal of Newborn Possibilities is to advance clinical trials to verify that this is an effective treatment option that could benefit more children like Chloe. With the funds we raise, we can open up life’s possibilities to other infants and children.